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From beneath pointed cathedrals of mountainous solitude and a serenely azure sky, the Cape vineyards provide the essence which - when imbued with natural fynbos and other herbal extracts - presents a sensory spa range, promising natural beauty and skincare.

TheraVINE™'s patented process draws on extracts of the vine's powerful anti-oxidants (50 times the strength of Vitamin E and 20 times that of Vitamin C) which are known to successfully combat ageing as well as act as an antidote to stress and pollutants.

Containing powerful anti-wrinkle and cell wall-strengthening properties, TheraVINE™ is able to combat free-radicals to provide for a more healthy, more beautiful skin and body. Distinctive to TheraVINE™ are the infusion of essential oils of aroma-therapeutic, organic and healing indigenous Cape botanicals which refresh, sooth and rejuvenate.

TheraVINE™ - an extra-sensory range of next generation, vine-derived beauty from the soul of the Cape.

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Since 1964, Thalgo Laboratories have been creating Marine Products for Spa and Beauty. Working closely with renowned phycologists, the Thalgo Research Centre is the undisputed expert in Marine Intelligence, with over 50 marine active principles identified, extracted and concentrated in exclusive ingredients with unrivalled properties.

Each Thalgo product is a genuine concentrate of marine effectiveness, created according to stringent standards of performance, total affinity with the skin and ultimate sensory experience to offer Professional Excellence to every woman in the world. Created from the sea, Thalgo has a duty to minimise its ecological footprint.

Thalgo's Commitment to Nature is at the very core of the brand's DNA and guides all stages of their developments for Safe Beauty and a more beautiful nature. This philosophy positions Thalgo as the World Leader in Professional Marine Cosmetics.

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The MediHeel Range consists of 6 unique products to help with treating cracked heels, including a Callus Remover, A Neutraliser to ensure the ph of the skin stays balanced, an Alpha Hydroxy Exfoliation with Gentle Wax Beads, A Spa Additive with an anti Fungal and Anti Bacterial Agent, a Non Slip Foot Cream and a Rejuvenating Gold Spritz to dust you off with Titanium gold.

This sequence starts with a Callus Removal and discourage all use of blades and traditional filing in the treatment of cracked heels to ensure that only the dead skin cells are removed from the feet.

Always use a neutraliser after your callus remover to ensure your feets’ ph stays balanced.

At Elim we believe in giving you the best ingredients to ensure results and that is why we chose Alpha Hydroxy Acids for Exfoliation instead of a Sugar Scrub. This will also give you a beautiful Skin Tone. Did you know that foot odor is caused by bacteria? The Elim MediHeel Spa Additive is a gentle anti-bacterial and anti-fungal soak that will get rid of any bacteria causing odor.

The 5th part of our Pedi is our guarantee non-slip Heel Balm. We call it the Foot Perfector and that is exactly what it does. It will perfect the look of your feet, giving you a glow and with the fast penetration technology we create maximum absorption of active ingredients.

The Rejuvenating Gold Spritz is a magnificent beautifier and will give a beautiful gold dust finish to your pedicure. This product has a fine fragrance and is not limited to feet, but can be used on the legs and body.

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Hand & Nail Harmony was established in 2009 by Danny Haile, CEO and Founder. Prior to this development, Haile made a name for himself on the nail competition circuit while working at his first successful start-up company; winning over 60 awards in the U.S. and worldwide. Haile was more famously known for his precision in working with acrylic products and was declared two-time International Champion, specializing in Competition Pink and White Acrylic nails. His passion led to his role as Product Developer where he found himself consulting with top companies in the industry.

It was at that point when Haile was ready for his next challenge. Haile’s experiences allowed him to see a need to fill a gap in the market. That gap was the separation of gel and bottle. Fueled by the idea of merging the two, Haile created, what is now popularly known simply as Gelish.

Gelish Soak-Off Gel Polish revolutionized the industry. Gelish was the first gel polish to be packaged in a bottle, with a brush, as a quick, easy and efficient gel application process. Since 2009, Gelish has produced over 100 colors and counting, and sold in over 80 countries worldwide.

Hand & Nail Harmony, with the help of its successful brand Gelish, now occupies a 220,000 square foot facility in Brea, California with the support of approximately 300 employees.

Haile’s more recent project is the launch of his new lacquer line, Morgan Taylor, named after Haile’s daughter (Morgan) and his business partner David Daniel’s daughter (Taylor). With over 25 years of experience, Haile and Daniel will once again transform the industry, with lacquer that is specially formulated to exceed all other competition.

The growth of the company continues to flourish as Hand & Nail Harmony continues to provide surpassing products and meets the demand of the industry. As Danny Haile has said himself “great products accomplish great things.”